Pinball Machine 567 Balls



(H)155cm x (W)51cm x (D)98cm


KY-1591 Pinball Machine, you begin with 5 balls and have the option to purchase an extra 6th and 7th ball. Players must skillfully shoot balls into holes, guided by sparkling lights to boost their winning chances.

Whether you're a novice or an experienced player, this pinball machine caters to all age groups. Players can employ wrist techniques and power control to add excitement and challenge to the game.

  • This is a 7 ball pinball machine. After the player plays 5 balls, the 5 balls enter the 5 holes of 20 holes separately. The pinball machine recognizes this 5 balls corresponding the situations of the numbers and figures. If 5 same figures or 4 continual numbers link a line, it means that draw a prize to get a corresponding multiple.
  • When all 5 balls have been played, players can increase their chances of winning by purchasing the 6th and 7th balls based on the combination of their numbers and national flag graphics, and they can do so up to two times.
  • The ball hole of the ball plate show the sparkling light in the pinball game called "Guide Light" (drawing a prize). As long as hit the balls into the sparkling guide-light, it means to draw a prize.
  • No matter a novice or a veteran can conduct by the sparkling Goal lights, it won't be miss any opportunity to draw a big prize.
  • At the beginning of the pinball game, lights will appear from time to time, and numbers and national flag graphics will be given randomly to increase the winning rate, making pinball games easier to win and more fun.
  • The other special game : At the beginning of every game it would show two sparking lights called Goal lights it won't be miss any opportunity to draw a big prize.If the first ball is hit into the Goal light given two same figures. The pinball machine is easy to play and interesting game we can use the wrist to control the elasticity of pull rod to flip. Along with the player's technique for controlling balls, the whole game procedure would be move exciting.
  • The quantity is large, and the panels can be customized, and can be combined and produced.